Industrial Automation

ELEC PARTNERS strategic breakthrough is the Automation activity. The experience gathered in this field counts. We are studying, improving facilities and automated industrial equipment. We also develop and integrate innovative solutions for process automation such as: Redundancy solutions around the Siemens brand, Schneider Electric and Allen Bradley; SCADA; Server Client solutions and Remote solutions.

Our Expertise is concentrated on:

  • Establishment of organic and functional analyzes
  • Definition networks architectures
  • Establishing schemes of details
  • Establishment of nomenclatures
  • Definition of process automation
  • Redundancy, input, output and distributed deported
  • Panels intelligence
  • Automation control
  • SCADA and DCS
  • Development of PLC programs
  • Development of local and remote supervision
  • Archiving and logging of events
  • Development of newspapers and recipes
  • Full web applications
  • Commissioning:
    • Synchronization inputs, local outputs and deported
    • Setting of communication networks
    • Ethernet
    • Profibus
    • ASI
    • Net control
    • Mod bus
    • Setting of network redundancy, controllers and supervision
    • Setting communication gateways
  • Trainings