Backed by Endress + Hauser, ELEC PARTNERS can provide the most modern measuring systems in various designs with the most various process connections and suitable electronic interfaces.

Flow Metering

The measurement of vapor flow rate, gas and liquid is one of our main services. The regulation, control, metering, and load are the most common applications.

Pressure Measurement

Process pressure sensors and differential pressure transmitters with ceramic cell is a powerful and innovative alternative to conventional transmitters and gauges with electrical output signal.

Analytical Solutions

Measurement in liquids of physical / chemical parameters, pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and dissolved free chlorine, turbidity and suspended solids.

We offer wide range of cells, probes, electrodes and transmitters that adapt to the most extreme conditions.

Temperature Measurement

We offer a complete range of compact thermometers, modular thermometers, thermo-wells, measurement inserts, transmitters and accessories for all types of process industries such as oil & gas, chemicals, the food, life sciences, mining & mineral industries, electricity & energy.

Systems, Components & Recorders

We suggest a complete range of hardware and software for quickly and economically integrate measurement devices for process automation systems. This includes: display and indicators, and isolation barriers, power supplies, surge protectors, switches, gateways to bus and recording systems.