Human Resources Policy

ELEC PARTNERS praises an approach in co-responsibility. ELEC PARTNERS meant the establishment of a system that integrates all its activities into a coherent whole from its general objectives, discussed and accepted. This approach aims to make each staff member responsible for its level of necessary actions for planning, coordination, monitoring and implementation of activities to be exercised in order to make a quality service.

This policy is based on the following principles:

The personalization
This means that each employee is unique, with characteristics of socioaffective its own and against which its contribution to ELEC PARTNERS boom is originality.

The satisfaction
Explicitly the research and the establishment of conditions that allow each member of staff consolidate its work as a personal valuation source and a challenge to stimulate his sense of creativity.

The productivity
We inspire the staff concern for efficiency and quality, particularly in services, both internally and externally.

The responsibility
Each staff member knows clearly not only his goals but also those of the company and is accountable.

In order to meet its needs and develop the special skills of its staff, ELEC PARTNERS provides for all its personnel, real opportunities for training and development in education, useful works for the accomplishment of its tasks.

We work to earn a decent living, not to lose it.

January 2015